Excursion to the Crimea from Koktebel in Safari Park «Taigan»

Safari Park «Taigan» *(click on photo to view in full size)
Excursion from Koktebel in safari park «Taigan»

While vacationing in the Crimea, Koktebel, we at hotel Sun 'n' Rest", do our best to fill your leisure time, not only substituting the body of the southern sun lying on the beach, and visit interesting and favorite parts of this wonderful region.


We are always happy to advise you on interesting excursions in Crimea and if you are not on the car, also willing to give / to help with transportation!

So, let's go on a virtual tour, lions Park "Taigan".

Retelling, customers at Sun-n-Rest, a tour of the Crimea in lions Park "Taigan".

About unique, the first Safari Park in Europe, we have learned from the program on television and decided that, being on vacation in the Crimea, be sure to visit and see with your own eyes at this miracle, created by human hands.

And finally we are in the Crimea! Having registered at the hotel Sun 'n' Rest", rest in Koktebel on the sea a few days, we've been inspired further by the Council of Olga, take a course to Safari Park "Taigan".

Found it, because on the way from Koktebel, from a distance I saw an advertisement Park!

On the territory of 32 hectares, near Simferopol, specifically in the Belgorod region, and is a Safari Park.

We are in awe in the soul has acquired the tickets, by the way, a pretty "nice" price, and with a sinking heart, entered the territory of a unique Park!

Immediately came to fairy town, with beautiful manicured streets, lush colors, wonderful fountain, comfortable benches, children's playgrounds. Where roam free important peacocks, fussy Guinea fowl, caring chickens-hen with numerous broods of chickens, all accompanied by relaxing calm music, alternating the sounds of wildlife.

Of course, our tour we started with a visit to the lions! A huge territory with vast paddocks where the lions roam free and Park visitors walk across the footbridge over them and look for the lives of these great cats.

On durable metal scaffolding, a few hours we traveled over the territory of these powerful and graceful predators. The day was cloudy and cool, so the lions quietly and impressively moved to its possessions, glancing indifferently past the numerous lenses camcorders and cameras. We managed at a safe distance to "communicate" with lions and lionesses, to see the feeding and diet of the feral cats, watch the crocodiles!

On the opposite side of the Safari Park is a zoo, this open-air cages with animals, there are giraffes, dogs, monkeys, peacocks roam freely around the property.

You can feed sociable monkeys. Is endless talk about the playful cubs, sociable giraffes, manual pigs, funny racoons, restless skunks, curious about the hyena, cocky bear, rare and graceful vultures, colourful parrots, demanding ostriches and many, many other residents of the zoo. But it is clearly a community of wild animals will not leave anyone indifferent. Significantly enhances the impression of communicating with animals, what Animals to feed - ALLOWED" - quote from the guide. Feed can be purchased at any of the specialized retail outlet, which in the Park a lot. Here live more than 1.5 thousand animals, including 54 of the lion. Also live: ostriches, leopards, monkeys, only a couple of giraffes, Amur tigers, leopards, brown and Himalayan black bears, primates, giraffes, camels, yaks, a variety of antelope, fallow deer and reindeer. The world of birds presents peacocks, parrots, ostriches, vultures, eagles, etc. And, getting a huge dose of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, satisfied and happy, we returned to the mainland, where, after resting a little, he continued his journey by terrestrial areas of the Park.

In the Park all thoughtfully for recreation adults and children throughout the day. In this beauty built: hotel, cafe, conference hall. Trains ply the route around the Park, you can sit and get off at any of the stops. Next year promises to bring elephants.

It is also important to services of visitors in all areas of the Park are clean, well maintained bathrooms, numerous pavilions with Seating areas where you can buy drinks, a huge number of waste bins, benches in the shade of trees, playgrounds, availability of electric vehicles to get around

Park. Magnificent fountains, pavilions and sculptures of marble, manicured lawns with flowers, beautiful, multi-colored corps of the hotel complex, a huge internal Parking area, souvenir market.

Café we loved it. The interior decor is surprised us. Elegant and tastefully decorated rooms equipped with many animal photos, amazing interior, could not fail to impress.

Delicious and homemade lunch in a cozy, spacious cafe with nice prices, we walked around the complex, learned the

history of the Park, and how it all began, inspired and filled with emotions, buying a few Souvenirs and throwing a coin at parting reluctantly left the Park, with the conviction that here we will be returning every year and fun to watch the development of this wonderful Safari Park. And we will continue to meet and make friends with all newly arrived residents of this wonderful place.

Returning to Koktebel, hotel Sun 'n' Rest", our thoughts and hearts for a long time remained in the tale that didn't want us to leave...

I believe that lions Park is a must-add to the places that are worth visiting in the Crimea!

Manager recreation: Olga (☎ +7 978 069 55 04)


* Парк львов "Тайган"(2014) PARK OF LIONS - TAIGAN