Excursion to the nature reserve of Koktebel - «Kara-Dag»

Koktebel, «Kara-Dag» *(click on photo to view in full size)

With full confidence we can say that in the Crimea there is no other place in such striking contrast was the mountain and the plain, the sea and dry land, unexpectedly replacing each other in a surprisingly short distance, as a natural reserve Kara-Dag in Koktebel.


With full confidence we can say that in the Crimea there is no other place in such striking contrast was the mountain and the plain, the sea and dry land, unexpectedly replacing each other in a surprisingly short distance, as a natural reserve Kara-Dag in Koktebel.

Karadag amazes with its greatness and uniqueness. Expressive forms of the array seem gloomy and forbidding. These places remain the most pure and available in the entire Crimean Peninsula.

The uniqueness of the Karadag is not only extremely picturesque and quaint mountains and rocks. This place is a habitat of many rare, endangered and endemic (those who in the world are found only here) species of animals and plants.

In the Karadag nature reserve there are more than a thousand species of plants, of which 25 species are found nowhere else in the world, 126 species of plants listed in the Red book of Russia, 34 in the European red list and 22 in the Red list of International Union for conservation of nature. To overstate the importance and uniqueness of this place is very difficult!

The tourists coming for holidays in Koktebel and using the services of our hotel in Koktebel San røst ("Sun 'n' Rest") may, after receiving a briefing from our Manager sightseeing, admire the Karadag, both by sea and land. From the sea you can even see the lava flows, 150 million years ago came from the volcano.

View of the Kara-Dag with the sea on the backdrop of the surrounding hills, just gorgeous!

Kara-Dag interesting legends associated with literally every Bay, cliff, promontory, the gorge, the cave: Blue rock, Cape Malchin (Herding), frog Bay, Gravel Bay, the Bay of Livadia, Cornelian Bay, a small Cape nazvany Stupid, Cape Corrugated, gorge Gyaur-Bang, devil's Finger and the wall Lagorio, cave of the Three Elephants and Elephant rock, rock community hoba-Tepe (cliffs with caves), gorge Corridor, Bay Baraita, Sail rock, this rock is called Strezhevoy.

From the boat we can admire the rock Shaitan, hoba-Tepe, is the heart of Kara-Dag, rock lighthouse. And of course the hallmark of Koktebel - Golden gate!


It is believed that they contribute to the fulfillment of human desires and just go through them at the moment of pronouncing his desire. This 37 metre arch stands in the sea, right in front of a Lion-Cerberus, passing under the arch have to say the only desire at the moment of entering the archway of the Gate, be sure to drop a small coin so that she hit rock itself. But most importantly, the desire not say out loud and

to myself, because it is purely your personal, intimate. Sometimes people who simply pass by the Golden Gate, without any desires, somehow clears the mind, stops wheezing sore throat or headaches and other charitable moments.

Further, in the course of the boat, the rock John robber, Cove Pozzolanic, little rock Baba Yaga.

There is Ivan robber. For Ivan Razboynik Bay: predatory, Blue rock (Kok Kai), is remarkably similar shape to the face Voloshin.

Due to air circulation, mountain and forest air, along with steppe and sea air form a kind of aerodactyl, well affecting the respiratory system. Breathing is very easy because the air is filled with the smells of herbs growing here. The climate of the coastal strip - the transition from sub-Mediterranean to temperate continental. The continental climate is hot and dry. Useful cocktail, and how!

No movies no substitute for a live visit to the reserve!

The famous Kara-Dagh trails. The overland route, length is 7 km, marine harder, the trail passes through mountainous terrain. The duration of time on the eco-trail is four hours.

Optionally, alone or in a group, anyone can pass on the "Trail":
1. From Koktebel and back (3-4 hours)
2. From the Resort of Koktebel through Karadag (3-5 hours)
3. From Koktebel by sea back to Koktebel by land (4-6 hours)

Overland especially felt like a person gets into another world, leaving the "Path". Here is another air, earth, energy, and other inhabitants the feeling of being in another world.

Being on the tops of the Kara-Dagh mountains, you feel a sense of flight, running to and fro around the reserve for miles! The views are great! Engender a feeling of the sublime and inspiring! Feelings are not transmitted, they need only to experience!

The middle of the "Ecological path" has the highest elevation and crosses the space between all of the Coastal range, on two separate smaller ridge: hoba-Tepe and Elm. From this area down to the coast stretches a steep gorge Fucking Fireplace (formerly devil's Stone) extraordinary beauty! It is very well visible rock Golden Gate, and around rocks, gorges, cliffs, caves...

Passing through this area, the Trail is conveniently located in a beautiful location on the cliffs, offering extraordinary views of the sea and relax. Here the guide tells about the objects that you see . As well as the guide throughout the "trails", tells us all numerous myths and legends of the Kara-Dag nature reserve! Believe me - it is very interesting!

I really like the mountain AI-Petri - teeth of a giant dragon! Love this mountain from any point of Koktebel! I even have a joke about AI-Petri, from life: the boy and his mother were on the train to Lugansk from the Crimea, passing by slag mountains (piles), the boy, pointing at them, he exclaimed with delight: "Mom, look - AI-Petri!" The whole car was laughing! :)

I think it is unlikely that there will be people who visited Kara-Dag will be hooked! Majestic ancient volcano will fall in love with it for life!!! And you are probably going to want to stop again to come to rest in Koktebel, and perhaps again we stay at the hotel "Sun 'n' Rest" and will be pleased with our service and hospitality!

Manager recreation: Olga (☎ +7 978 069 55 04)


* The Crimea. Karadag nature reserve.