Excursion to the Dolphinarium «Koktebel»

The Dolphinarium «Koktebel» *(click on photo to view in full size)

You came to rest in Koktebel? We invite you to use our services San Rest ("Sun 'n' Rest"), and our Manager is on vacation and excursions!

You will not regret it!

So. In Koktebel is one of the best dolphinariums Crimea! I can confidently make this assertion, because in almost every town where there is a Dolphinarium with children we visited, and now with my grandchildren!

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Excursion to the nature reserve of Koktebel - «Kara-Dag»

Koktebel, «Kara-Dag» *(click on photo to view in full size)

With full confidence we can say that in the Crimea there is no other place in such striking contrast was the mountain and the plain, the sea and dry land, unexpectedly replacing each other in a surprisingly short distance, as a natural reserve Kara-Dag in Koktebel.

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Excursion to the Crimea from Koktebel in Safari Park «Taigan»

Safari Park «Taigan» *(click on photo to view in full size)
Excursion from Koktebel in safari park «Taigan»

While vacationing in the Crimea, Koktebel, we at hotel Sun 'n' Rest", do our best to fill your leisure time, not only substituting the body of the southern sun lying on the beach, and visit interesting and favorite parts of this wonderful region.

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